Powering Your Smartphone: Six Charging Mistakes You’re Making That Are Destroying Your Phone

One of the most important things you can do to maintain the condition of your smartphone is to charge it properly. The average smartphone owner doesn't think too much about this task and merely charges up whenever his or her battery is running low. 

How you charge your phone has a huge effect on how long the it lasts and how efficiently it operates. The following are a few charging mistakes that just about every smartphone owner is guilty of at some point. Be aware and avoid these mistakes to optimize your smartphone's condition:

Using third party chargers

A charger that's produced by the manufacturer will be more expensive, but it will also work more efficiently and be better for your phone. Some low quality, off-brand chargers could not only damage your phone, but they could also overheat and create a fire hazard. 

Try not to lose the charger your phone came with so that you can charge your smartphone efficiently and effectively without having to invest in new brand-name chargers. 

Using malfunctioning chargers

Even if you're using your original charger, it's bound to wear out over time. The cord of your charger will eventually wear way and expose the wire underneath.

Your smartphone will have trouble powering up and will need to work extra hard with a worn out charger, so make sure you're replacing your charger when it starts to show signs of wear.  

Charging too much

Some smartphone authorities have stated that a full charge could be harmful to a smartphone battery.

The lithium ion batteries typically used in smartphones can be harmed by a complete charge because it results in a high operating voltage. This puts stress on and prematurely ages the battery. Avoid a full charge but simply charge your phone till it is almost- but not quite- at 100 percent. 

Leaving your smartphone plugged in long after it has reached a full charge

Many smartphone owners are in the habit of charging their phones overnight. This results in a phone that is left plugged into the charger long after it has a complete charge.

Keeping the phone plugged in after a full charge has been reached will keep the battery in a state of high tension that will cause it to age prematurely. 

Never turning your smartphone off

Most people with a smartphone always leave their phone on. Nobody wants to miss a phone call or a social media update. 

However, leaving your phone on all the time requires it to work harder and consume excess energy. You'll have to charge your phone more often if you never turn it off, and your phone's battery will wear out more quickly. Give your phone a rest now and then to prolong its lifespan. 

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