Repair Or Replace: How To Save Money By Fixing A Broken TV

The common thought today is that the cost of professional TV repair is so expensive, and the price to replace them relatively affordable, so replacement is always better. There are problems with this type of thought. First, the repair may be as simple as an adjustment or inexpensive part that will make the TV like-new again. With all of the options and accessories connected to the average TV, it is not unusual for problems to be nothing more than an improper setup. Second, a disposable society is a wasteful one with overloaded landfills. Whenever repair is possible, it is the green option consumers should at least consider.

Begin by Troubleshooting

Look through the manual and search online first. Always search for the model and the specific problem. It may be discovered that the problem is a common one that is covered by a warranty, or the instructions may be available online for a simple repair. Check all connections and settings too, especially if the problem occurs during the initial setup or after adding another component.

Get an Estimate

Most repairs services offer estimates either for free or for a nominal fee. This will make the decision easier about whether to repair or replace. In some instances, the repair professionals will come directly to the home of the client rather than require the TV be moved. This is especially helpful when the repair is something simple or is an issue like a software update that can be done on-site.

Look for Discounts

One of the easiest ways to make repairs more affordable is to consider accepting used parts when possible. This is the most beneficial in the instance of broken screens. A flat panel TV screen can be much more affordable when purchased used and many repair places keep them in stock. Intact screens are typically stripped from damaged TVs and when professionally installed will look as clear as the original screen.  

Call an Independent Company 

An individually owned repair company will almost always offer a more affordable service than the repair company used by the electronics manufacturer or retailer. They will have an equal amount of knowledge, access to replacement parts and are frequently faster and more personable that calling a help line.

There is no way to guarantee that repairing a TV will be cheaper than replacing it, but an estimate will make it much easier to make an informed decision. Mobile repair services are available in many areas and fixing the TV will make it possible to avoid the worry and cost of disposal too. Do not believe the line from manufacturers that new is always better, do some research first to know for sure.  

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