The Pros & Cons to 3 Colors for Kitchen Appliances

If you are going to be getting new appliances for your kitchen, then you want to choose colors that work well for the overall look of your kitchen, as well as for functionality. There are many colors to choose from and you can even go with custom colors if you want. However, this article will cover the benefits and downfalls of going with some of the more commonly found appliance colors.

Black appliances

If you have a modern style kitchen, then you may do well with going with black appliances. Black is a color that will go well with just about any colored kitchen, including one that's been painted in bright colors like red, orange and even blue. Black appliances also look good in kitchens that are done in white and black, or white and gray. Black appliances also go great in kitchens with granite countertops.

One of the downfalls to going with black appliances is they show dirt very easily. Even the smallest amount of crumbs or drips will show up on them. When you wipe down your appliances, you need to put extra care into doing so, or they can end up with obvious streaks on them that stand out.

Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances are great because they can go in any kitchen and they really stand out in a positive way. They help to give the kitchen a professional, sanitary look. Stainless steel is considered to be popular right now and this helps you to achieve a more modern look in the kitchen.

One of the things about stainless steel appliances is you should go with all stainless steel, or none at all. Otherwise, that one piece stands out more than the others and your kitchen will have a mix-matched look to it. While stainless steel doesn't show off dirt and crumbs like black appliances do, they do get streaked easily and this means you have to put extra work into cleaning them properly.

White appliances

White colored appliances go good with many kitchen designs, but they may stand out a bit too much in kitchens with predominantly dark colors. White appliances are some of the best when it comes to hiding crumbs. They also don't show streaks the way the black and stainless steel ones do, making it easier to keep them looking clean.

Some people think back to more old fashioned kitchens when they see the white appliances, this makes them maybe not the best choice when you are trying to modernize the appearance of your kitchen.

Now that you have more information on the pros and cons of different colored appliances, you may find it easier to choose the ones that are best for your kitchen. Learn more by contacting an appliance wholesale distributor.