Dorm Room Clutter: 3 Ways To Keep Electronics & Accessories Organized

The college life has changed over the years. Instead of piles of books filling up backpacks and dorm rooms, students must now organize all types of electronic devices. Dorm rooms are small enough as it is, but adding extra clutter can make a huge difference on the organization and flow of the room. Instead of staying unorganized each day, you can implement three different strategies to keep track of your electronics and all the accessories that come with them. Once you start this process, it will be easy to remain organized throughout the whole school year.

Cable Management Organizers

At any given moment, your dorm room may have a television, laptop, tablet, lamp, and internet router plugged in. Instead of creating a octopus-style mess of cords, everything can remain neatly organized through cable management products. These organizational products offer easy ways to wrap cables around and keep them separate from each other. Not only can you organize the base of the cables, but many types of these organizers feature loops or hooks where the connection ports can hang when they are not in use. For example, a USB charging plug can be hung at the top of an organizer so you can easily access the cable without making your way through a tangled mess.

Flash Drive Cases

Class notes, books, and projects may be stored on flash drives. When going to computer labs, libraries, or using your own dorm devices, a flash drive is essential for loading, saving, and transferring these files. It's very easy to drop, toss down, or lose your flash drives. Keep them all organized in one location with a flashdrive case. By having a singular area where you keep flash drives, it will make it a lot easier to keep track of your files and known exactly where they are. Along with organizing the flash drives, the cases often have protective shells and padded pockets. This can help prevent damage and data loss if the objects are dropped.

Charging Station Drawers

Do not let your electronic devices take over your dorm room desk. Instead, you can stay organized and keep digital distractions out of sight with a charging station drawer organizer. There are multiple types of organizers that can be used for different types of desks. The organizer features different sections to place devices like phones and tablets. Outlet connections make it easy to charge the devices and provide power for when their not in use. The drawer organizers are also out of sight, adding extra safety measures for your dorm room area.

By purchasing one or more of these simple things, your dorm life can be made a lot easier and allow you to thrive throughout college.