3 of the Top Features to Look for in a Home Projector System for a Theater-Quality Experience

Even though projectors were once thought of as high-end items, these video gadgets are far more accessible now than they have ever been thanks to their wide availability and massive price range. If you are looking for a theater experience right in your own entertainment area, investing in a projector is a great thought. However, there are so many different projectors that it can be difficult to track down the one that is right for you and your watching needs. Here is a quick look at a few of the best features to look for in a home projector system.

High Lumen Capacity - Unless you are going to be using your projector in a space that has pretty much no ambient light, you are going to need a model that has enough brightness to make the screen visible inside of your home. Because most homes have windows and other light sources where the projector is being used, if you go with a projector that has low lumens, you will not have a good-quality picture. So while the higher lumens will usually mean a higher price, this is an all-out must for a good viewing experience in the typical home.

Long Lamp Life - There aren't really that many maintenance requirements with a home projector other than replacing the lamp. Therefore, it is always best to go with a projector that either offers a long lamp life straight out of the box or one that includes an additional projector bulb for future use when the first one goes bad. Even though you will pay a little more initially for either a projector with an extra lamp or one with an extended lamp life, you will be saving money on bulb replacement down the road. As an added buying point, make sure the projector you choose offers a warranty that covers the lamp against defects, and this will ensure you a lengthy term of use without concerns of defects.

DEEP Color Support - Traditional home projectors were not always capable of offering a full-color view of what was being used, and this often results in imagery that is skewed or has hues that are off kilter. Most modern projectors do support DEEP color, which basically means they have the ability to support a full range of film color without faltering. Additionally, projectors that boast a higher HDMI will offer full color-spectrum views for an added quality.

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