3 Replacement Parts You Can Buy For Your Computer Online

Computers are widely used today. They are often found in homes, businesses, schools and even in some food places. It seems like everywhere you turn computers are there and available for use. Because of this, it makes sense that you would need to know where to buy replacement parts for your computer in the event something was to happen and a component stopped working or got misplaced. Thankfully, with the Internet being so prevalent today, you can get just about everything you need online. Read More 

Repair Or Replace: How To Save Money By Fixing A Broken TV

The common thought today is that the cost of professional TV repair is so expensive, and the price to replace them relatively affordable, so replacement is always better. There are problems with this type of thought. First, the repair may be as simple as an adjustment or inexpensive part that will make the TV like-new again. With all of the options and accessories connected to the average TV, it is not unusual for problems to be nothing more than an improper setup. Read More 

The Signs Of A Computer In Need Of Repair

Computers: you love them, you hate them, and you need them to stay modern in today's world. The thing is, they are made from so many component parts, require electricity, and run on confusing computer software. No wonder they are difficult to diagnose. In order to know when to get your computer to a professional repair shop, here are the signs you should look out for: You Can't Use the Newest Operating System Read More 

Powering Your Smartphone: Six Charging Mistakes You’re Making That Are Destroying Your Phone

One of the most important things you can do to maintain the condition of your smartphone is to charge it properly. The average smartphone owner doesn't think too much about this task and merely charges up whenever his or her battery is running low.  How you charge your phone has a huge effect on how long the it lasts and how efficiently it operates. The following are a few charging mistakes that just about every smartphone owner is guilty of at some point. Read More 

Slow Iphone Performance? Manage Apps Before Replacing

In a world of easily replaced merchandise, it may be simple to trade in a failing iPhone or buy an entirely new one. You may be swayed by other brands, new models or some strange idea that a new box for the same object is somehow better. Before venturing into the unknown (and sometimes futile) world of upgrades and exchanges, take the time to check your existing iPhone for a few common, but complex problems that could affect performance. Read More